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Weight Loss Frequently Asked QuestionsCongratulations! We are excited that you have made a decision to lose weight and improve your health. We understand how difficult making lifestyle changes can be, and that you probably have some questions about our program. We invite you to take advantage of a FREE 30-minute, no-obligation consultation so that we can answer all of your questions in complete detail. We will talk with you about your personal weight loss goals and assess any related personal health challenges you may have. Call one of our weight loss counselors today at 1-800-235-5673 to book your consultation or click here to schedule an appointment at one of our Quick Weight Loss Centers.

  • What is the Quick Weight Loss Program?

    The Quick Weight Loss Centers program is a balanced approach to weight loss with a 25-year track record of success. We offer comprehensive weight reduction programs, stabilization, and maintenance that are professionally supervised for safe, rapid results and are nutritionally designed to develop proper eating habits for long term success. We offer daily supervision, individual counseling, and behavioral education, all of which contribute to the safety and effectiveness of our program.

  • How does the Program Work?

    At Quick Weight Loss Centers, individuals are put on an easy to follow nutritionally balanced weight loss program based on how much weight they need to lose, sex, age, activity level and medical condition. Your nutritional plan is completely flexible with room for individual choices of food selection. Best of all, the program utilizes regular grocery store food that can be prepared at home or ordered out at most restaurants. Your nutritional food plan is coupled with one-to-one personal counseling which offers you the structure and accountability needed for success and enables you to lose your weight consistently with fewer plateaus. This integrated approach to weight loss provides you with the tools needed to not only lose your weight, but most importantly the healthy habits and behaviors you need to stay thin for a lifetime.

  • What kind of foods do I eat?

    While losing weight on the Quick Weight Loss Centers program, you will enjoy eating a properly balanced diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, starches, dairy and fats. There are some foods and beverages that are restricted during your weight loss period, but all foods are gradually added back to your diet once you reach your goal weight. Quick Weight Loss Centers also has a vegetarian program for those who do not eat meat.

  • How fast can I lose my weight?

    Your age, sex, medical condition, activity level and degree of obesity will determine the rate at which you lose your weight. Internal studies have shown that healthy clients who follow their personalized nutritional program, lose an average of 3.3 pounds per week. Best of all, we are so confident you can lose your weight at the average rate of 3 to 5 pounds per week that we guarantee your results and put it in writing. Most medical conditions will not slow down your weight loss. However, if you do have a pre-existing medical condition or take some medication that may slow down your weight loss, our staff will advise you of this at your consultation. Most clients who fall in this category will still see an average weight loss of 2 to 3 pounds per week.

  • Are there any group meetings?

    One of the best features of the Quick Weight Loss Centers program is the personalized individual attention that you receive from our Quick Weight Loss Centers counselors. They will guide, support and encourage you throughout the weight loss process while supervising and monitoring your progress. Most importantly, your counseling is always done on a one-to-one basis so you get results quickly.

  • Do I have only one assigned weight loss counselor?

    The beauty of the Quick Weight Loss Centers program is that each center is staffed with professional and well-trained staff who are all committed to your success! All Quick Weight Loss Center counselors go through an extensive training program before they see clients. Many of our counselors travel between centers so that clients get the benefit of this varied expertise. Our weight loss counselors provide a comprehensive resource pool for you to draw on for your individual needs if required.

  • Do I need an appointment to see a weight loss counselor?

    All of Quick Weight Loss Centers’ clients are seen on a first-come, first-served basis. No appointment is necessary, you come in at your own convenience when it is a good time for you!

  • Do I have to eat packaged meals?

    The Quick Weight Loss Centers program uses regular grocery store food that you can prepare yourself at home or that can be ordered out at most restaurants. Our focus is on teaching you healthy eating habits and portion control, so we’re not going to make you dependent on expensive pre-packaged meals.

  • Do I have to exercise to lose weight?

    You will lose weight on the Quick Weight Loss Centers program with or without exercising. Even though exercise is not required to lose weight, increasing your activity level is strongly encouraged as part of a healthy lifestyle. Most clients see an immediate increase in energy when they begin to lose weight and are encouraged to begin adding appropriate levels of activity to their daily regime based on their individual situation. Your physician should always be consulted before beginning an exercise program.

  • How much does your program cost?

    Quick Weight Loss is one of the most affordable weight loss programs available today. The cost depends on the amount of time needed to reach your weight loss goal. All of our programs are sensibly priced and will fit into anyone's budget from a student to a professional. Come in today for a FREE 30 Minute consultation to determine your exact needs and cost.

  • I live outside of the Houston area, or I am just too busy to meet in person, how can I do your program?

    Quick Weight Loss Center offers programs from the comfort of your home! The Quick Weight Loss program has been designed and modified for optimal weight loss results. As a Home Program client you will be communicating directly with one of our experienced and professional weight loss counselors. Call us today at 1-800-235-5673 or you may purchase our Home Program Online.

  • What if I previously had Bariatric Surgery?

    Many of our clients have gone through bariatric surgery and need the assistance of a weight loss program to teach them how to keep the weight off. We understand how important eating healthy nutritious food can be after surgery and how important proper nutrition will be for the rest of your life. We will teach you how to keep your weight off.

  • Do You Accept Insurance?

    We do not bill insurance companies but will assist you in gathering the information required by your insurance company. We have found that most major medical insurance companies will reimburse you for medical necessity.

  • Can children do the program?

    Absolutely. We have many children participating in the weight loss program. During the summer months we help transform children and teens before the new school year. It is very rewarding to see their lives change as a result of weight loss.

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